Why don’t we call for “Plus Three”

from Japanese Association of Mental Health Services

  Confirmed covid-19 cases in Major Countries
    (Since May 28th)

* Diamond Princess cases not included. On some day, the previous 23:59CET. Source: WHO, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Report

Since the end of March, in Japan, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is on the rise. We have to stop the surge.

“Social distancing” as well as “avoiding the three proximities” is now being advocated to prevent infection. In addition, the Governor of Tokyo, in response to the state's declaration of a state of emergency, issued an urgent request for closure in a wide range of industries. This would greatly reduce the amount of contact between people and in the result, stop increase of the number of people infected.

However, it is impossible “avoiding the three proximities perfectly” and there are various adverse effects on life. Reducing "contact between people(80% reduction)" is very difficult to carry out, and the negative impact on life and economic activities is enormous. Both cannot be continued for a long time. Furthermore, if we stop both, the infection might increase again.

In addition to both, we urgently need another more active measure.

We advocate that each person, like infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and influenza, do his best not to get infected or not to infect other people by traditional way of blocking the infection routes.

We call for everyone to do his best to engage in three more things.

Don’t let the new Coronavirus beat us Let‘s do our best with “Plus Three”

New coronavirus infections occur by three routes: droplet, aerosol, and contact. "Ventilation" and "masks" are effective in blocking droplet and aerosol infections. To block contact infections, "hand washing", "face washing", "disinfection within arms reach with a disinfection wipe", and "disinfection of clothes and smartphones" are effective.

Everyone is doing their best with “masks and washing hands and faces”. If everyone also works hard on 1) ventilation, 2) disinfection within arms reach, and 3) disinfection of clothes and smartphones, the infection route of the new coronavirus can be considerably blocked. Let's do our best with “plus three”

□Ventilation methods will vary according to the workplace. If ventilation is difficult, consider an alternative to ventilation. If you have good ideas for "disinfection within arms reach" or "disinfection of clothes and smartphones", share them with everyone. Let's share all our information.
□Infectious disease specialists, please provide “Guidelines" telling us what we should be careful of.
□Businesses, please develop new products that are effective in blocking infection route.