The Organization of JAM

The Organization of JAM

The board consists of 22 directors who are elected by the general assembly every two years. The present list of 26 directors and the advisers is on the table below.

The board of directors are held several times a year and make decisions necessary for carrying out the projects planned by the general assembly.

The board of directors set the executive committee under its umbrella. The executive committee is directly managing all the projects of JAM with the directions of the board of the directors.

Under the executive committee three special divisions are set, i.e. the division of the emergency for the mental illness, the division of telephone counseling, and the division of MELETEC. Each division is responsible for carrying out its own project.

June 23, 2013

The Post in JAM Name and Post in other organization
Chairman of the board
of the director
Kunitoshi Hatou
The director of Yoyoginomori clinic
Vice-Chairman Noboru Hozumi
The director of Hozumi clinic
Vice-Chairman Kenichi Yamamoto
The doctor of Shikiba hospital
Director Sumiko Arai
Ex-staff of Minami-Tama Public Health Center
Director Hiroyuki Hirakawa
The director of Hirakawa clinic
Director Jyunichi Hirakawa
The director of Hirakawa hospital
Director Akiteru Hoshi
The director of Shinjukuminami clinic
Director Ataru Inagaki
Director Tomohiko Isao
The director of Isao clinic
Director Satoru Iwashita
The director of Sakuragaoka-Kinen hospital
Director Tsuneo Kawase
The director of Kawase clinic
Director Hiroki Koshikawa
The director of Shakujiikoen clinic
Director Kiyoko Kuniyoshi
Ex-staff of Comprehensive Mental Health Center, Tokyo Chubu
Director Toshimasa Mochizuki
Ex-staff of Nishitokyo City Council of Social Welfare
Director Takeshi Naito
The training committee of Saitama Inochi No Denwa
Director Terunobu Nagase
The director of Takatsuki hospital
Director Takao Nishimura
The director of Nishimura clinic
Director Yuki Nishimura
Japanese Association of Mental Health Services
Director Hajime Sasaki
The director of Sasaki hospital
Director Yusei Shioiri
The director of Shioiri-Shinkeika clinic
Director Hiromi Shiraishi
Professor of Toyo University
Auditor Masaaki Tanaka
Adviser Hideto Hanaoka
The director of Hanaoka clinic
Adviser Haruo Kashima
Professor of Keio University
Adviser Akira Kubota
The director of Kubota clinic
Adviser Teruo Uchida
The director of Uchida clinic
Adviser Sadanobu Ushijima
Professor of Tokyo Woman's Christian University